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Speakers and social meetings for 2019

(Details of individual speakers' talks for can be downloaded here - pdf file)

3rd January

A Policeman's Lot

Bill Johnstone

    17th January

Social meeting : Around the World in 108 Days

    Steve Cottam

31st January

The Origin of Place Names

Anthony Poulton-Smith

    14th February

Social meeting : Safety around the House

    Neil Thomson

28th February

Grand Narratives and Political Language

Mary Clinton

    14th March

Social meeting : Wallasey U3A's Ukulele Band

28th March

British Humour: 18th - 20th Centuries

Michael Murphy

    11th April

Social meeting : Quiz

    Colin Stredder

25th April


followed by

The Canal Dukes

Bernard Dennis

    9th May

Social meeting : History of the Royal Liver Buildings

    Tony Storey

23rd May

Witches and Superstitions: their effect on modern culture

Jean Finney

    6th June

Social meeting : Wallasey U3A's The Replay

20th June

 Confessions of a Probation Officer

Ray O'Brien

    4th July

Social meeting : Dance Anagram

    Colin Stredder

18th July

 Major Predators of Liverpool Bay

Matthew Clough


12th September

Through the Eye of a Magician

Peter Turner

    26th September

Social Meeting : TBA

10th October

Viking and Saxon History on Merseyside

Diana Goodier

    24th October

Social Meeting : TBA

7th November

English Village Life in the Middle Ages

Stuart Elliot

    21st November

Social Meeting : TBA

5th December

Hollywood Drama Queens

Rina Tullinger

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